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Soul Powers


This is the resort where you can socialize and make new friends. On the way, we can also help you find your so...


We're, an ever-changing kaleidoscope, filled with knowledge inherited from ancient and enduring mart...

New Australia


New Australia has monthly elections for server leadership. Join our movie night, build the Minecraft server, e...

OC Roleplay 18+


OC Roleplay 18+ Make sure you are 18+ if you decide to join this server....

RP Exodus


RP Exodus is home to creative individuals who love to Roleplay, Write, Create art and music, hang out and enjo...

Medieval Discord


We are an online roleplay community that operates in the form of a text-based RPG. Medieval Discord is the lar...

Firelink Pub 🌈🍻


Welcome to Firelink Pub! One of the biggest FromSoftware Discord Servers! The server is run by FromSoftware f...

Anime Sekai


Anime sekai is a wholesome 16+ Discord server for people who enjoy Anime and Manga and more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Satanist Safest Space


This is a safe space for satanists but we also allow other religions aslong as you respect our religion we wil...



➢ Serious discussion about UFOs👽, UAPs and Extraterestrial Life ➢ Share your Sightings 👀 ➢ We ac...

Out Swinging All


Skip this if you're looking for a stock trading group with a “get rich quick” scheme for $100 a month. But...

Crimson Legion

FPS Gaming

Rekindle your love for Rainbow 6 Siege with the Crimson Legion community! We have a fun and entertaining bunch...

Florial Official


・༻〈 florial 〉༺・ ♥ A loving community with an Indie-game in development! ♥ Join us on devblogs ...

Dreamland NSFW

NSFW (Not safe for work)

Horniest Teen Server, ever* (10-17yrs) Enjoy: leaks, nudes, verified area, porn, actual content creators “e...

cringefest (21+ role play search and han


[21+ || sfw || roleplay search and advertising || hangout ] Do you have creaky knees and a fear of teenagers?...