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The Big Lez Show Community Discord (Sass


Join the Community Discord for The Big Lez Show! 🍄 Custom Emojis Based on the Show. 🍄 Minecraft SMP ba...

The Bunny Burrow


A relaxed server to meet new people and show of your creative side and get inspired by other craft nerds alike...

The Business Bench


The Business Bench: Building Business, Branding, Networking & Content Creating Our purpose at The...

The Cantina


Welcome to the Cantina, a friendly group of people who have common interests. Some of these interests include:...

The Cawk Destroyers

FPS Gaming

**** 18+ SERVER *** gaming sessions + viewing parties we play: overwatch 2, dead by daylight, fortnite, amo...

The Centrist Party


Dive into a vibrant community where diverse perspectives collide, and thoughtful discussions thrive. Whether y...

The Club House


Welcome to the Club House ~~~~~~~~~We offer~~~~~~~~~ -> Meet new people and make friends -&am...

The Colony Overhaul


We are a server focused on gaming socialization and RP. We have one half of the server dedicated to each. What...

The Congregation | Social • Flirt • Fun


A great place to make lasting connections and socialize. We love getting new members to meet and befriend.

The Content

NSFW (Not safe for work)

mega folders available for sale (terabytes) all categories/sub categories showcase/preview/proof available all...

The Corn Hole


A small server that loves every topic! TV, Movies, Games, Anime, Art, Food, Pets, Pop-culture! Come in and mak...

The Corner


Small 18+ Server, mainly SFW we have a few NSFW channels you must verify age with staff to access. Friendly me...

The Cosy Cabin


Welcome to The Cosy Cabin! Hello all, we are a brand new server! Our ongoing objective is to create a comfort...

The Cozy Campfire


Welcome to The Cozy Campfire! We are a brand new server which aims to be a welcoming and extremely inclusive c...

The Cozy Corner


No Age Requirement or Verification process. Self Roles For Gamers/Gaymers or just to chat. [ Self Roles are no...